It’s dry again!  It seems like it’s always dry here in South Texas.  Dry times bring about many hardships for those who depend on the rain for their livelihood.  When the rain fails to fall from the sky it seems like everyone suffers.  For some the struggle is keeping the animals feed or crops alive.  While others deal with water restrictions that effect business, and personal comfort.  The bottom line is when its dry things are harder.

Many have experienced what we might call a spiritual drought as well.  Maybe you are even in one of those times right now.  These times are marked by our difficulty to hear and understand God.  They may be marked by personal, financial, or moral failures we bring on ourselves. Sometimes we simply lose step with God and as a result we find ourselves in a dry place spiritually, longing once again to live in the oasis of God’s grace.  If you are not in a spiritual drought today, you will likely experience a time like this before you life is over.  I don’t think I have ever known a single honest Christian that had never been through a rough, dry, hard time spiritually.  But the good news is you can survive a spiritual drought.  I have been there, and while in the spiritual desert I learned some valuable lessons that perhaps will help you during your own dry time.  Here are a few of the lessons I learned, when it come to surviving a spiritual drought.

  1. Seek the right source– When things get hard spiritually it is critical that you continue to seek Christ.  Resist the temptation to allow your flesh to rule.  When we become spiritually dry we are frequently quick to seek the wrong sources for our refreshment. Your enemy knows that and will likely present you with many “wrong sources” that promise to quench your thirst.  Be on guard for these attacks and know that there is only one who can satisfy your needs, His name is Jesus!
  2. Saturate your spirit– when you are in a spiritual drought, saturate your soul with scripture.  Spend extra time in prayer each day even if that time seems useless rest assured that God hears you, and in time will answer your cries for help. Don’t neglect or stop going to church.  You need to surround yourself with other believers so that they might saturate you with spiritual encouragement as well.
  3. Sustain your service– when we are in a spiritually dry time we often become convinced that our service to God is no longer needed, or appreciated, so we stop serving.  We drop out, we make excuses and we give up.  This is never a good idea especially when you are in a dry time spiritually. Stay the course, continue to serve, and in time that service itself will bring refreshment to your soul.

If you are in a spiritual desert right now, please know that all droughts come to an end.  The rain will once again fall, and the rivers of God’s mercy, grace and blessings will flow very soon.  Until then seek Christ, saturate your spirit, and sustain your service.

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