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The Great City Falls!

As you well know over the past couple of days the Great City has been laid siege to by the great King Nebuchadnezzar. An it is amazing how gracious our God is and how he even offers peaceful solutions to Zedekiah. But, because he had allowed himself to be stricken with Fear he could not hear God’s voice.Did you see that.. Zedekiah allowed himself to be stricken with fear, instead of listen to God, trusting God, obeying God, Zedekiah’s fear lead him to make the wrong choice, time after time after time. What is fear leading you to do? Is it leading you doubt, is fear leading you to anger, is fear leading you to lying, is fear leading you out of close relationships, if fear making you run from God instead of to God, is the fear of being alone leading you to make take the wrong decision in improper relationships, is fear of what people think keeping you from hearing God’s voice and doing what he asked you to do?Learn this lesson today, see what is happening. The city did not have to be burned, the great Temple of God could have been left standing, and we possibly could still see it today had Zedekiah listen to God’s voice, instead of the voice of fear. Zedekiah through away all the work God had done through Solomon the wisest man in the world built the temple of God with the greatest architecture, art, & materials. The Greats building ever built in a lifetime of lifetimes was burned down destroyed, the entire wall of the city crumbled to rubble because of fear, and fear leads to even worse things when we allow it to control […]


Part of today’s reading is about the Pride of Egypt. As I read those verses I was reminded of the danger and power of pride in our own lives. I was also reminded of an article I once read by John Piper on the subject of pride and how he avoids it. His words are far better then my own so I would encourage you to read them below or click on this link to go to his article. How To Fight the Sin of Pride, Especially When You Are Praised Ten Things I DoBy John PiperNovember 9. 2004 I call to mind that I am not self-existent; only the triune God is. Only God is absolute, but I am contingent. I remind myself that I am utterly dependent on God for my origin and for my present and future existence. I call this to mind and ponder its truth. I remember that I am by nature a depraved sinner and that, in all my sinning, I have treated God with contempt, preferring other things to his glory. I take stock that I have never done a good deed for which I don’t need to repent. Each one is flawed because perfection is commanded. Therefore I realize that God owes me nothing but pain in this life and the next. I ponder that this condition of mine is so desperate that it could only be remedied at the cost of the horrid death of the Son of God, to bear my punishment and provide my righteousness. And I revel in the forgiveness and righteousness that is mine in Christ. I meditate on those Scriptures that say, “Clothe yourselves, all of you, with humility toward one […]

Little Things

Do the little things really matter? I would say they do. So many times we think that the little things are unimportant, and insignificant but to God they do matter. Take our reading today for example. If you were Daniel would you have refused the royal food? This is such a small thing! To be honest I don’t think this would have even crossed my mind. But Daniel say’s he did not want to defile himself in any way, not even by eating the royal food that the king provided. At the end of the day God blessed his attention to the little things. Daniel became wise and was blessed by the hand of God in amazing ways. Daniel continually experienced God’s provision in his life. Why? Because he understood that there are no little things when it comes to God.

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