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Remembering God’s Priority – In Touch Ministries – Dr. Charles Stanley 2010

I recently was invited to be someone’s friend on Face Book.  I did not recognize the name so I instinctively clicked on the young mans profile to try and get some more information about who wanted to be my friend.  Under the about me section he started by saying he was a strong committed christian and God was it one true passion in life.  I thought “I can be friends with this guy…”  However the next 5 sentences said, I love to drink, party, and do wild and crazy things with as many ladies as I can.   My heart was saddened that this young man would claim to be one thing then in the very next sentence describe himself as something else.  I fear this is far to common in our society today.  We believe as long as we separate Who we want to be, or who we think we are with a period, from what we actually are God will somehow be pleased.  The truth is we are who we are not who we desire to be.  When we claim to be one thing and then live our lives in opposition to our claims we hinder the advancement of the Kingdom of God.  May we all strive to be who HE has created us to be.  Below is a short post from Charles Stanley on a similar topic. At times, people will say, “I’ve made Jesus a part of my life.” But this statement reveals that they have missed the point. The truth is, Jesus can never be simply a part of life; at salvation, Jesus becomes our life—everything revolves around Him, because He is the central focus. For the believer, the essence […]

Costa Rica PT.2

Church it was such an amazing thing to see all that Amanda and Larry are doing in Costa Rica.  As you may know their primary job is to learn Spanish right now.  They will not work in Costa Rica, in fact they will depart for Ecuador in August.  That is where their actual mission is.  However they have to learn Spanish first.  And let me just say, they have it down.  Both Amanda and Larry are fluent in the language and they continue to work hard on some of the more advanced things that come with Spanish.  I was impressed to say the least.They are also doing several different missions while in Costa Rica.  They work once a week teaching English at a nearby mission.  During this time they have a short worship service where they share the gospel with those who attend.  They also make a one hour drive on Thursdays to help with a kids ministries at a Nicaraguan refuge camp on the outskirts of San Jose.  Larry teaches the kids how to use computers and Amanda does arts and crafts.    This too has been a very fruitful ministry.  I was only there three days so I was only able to see a small part of what Amanda and Larry do on a weekly basis but it was very encouraging.  While I was with them I also got to speak to almost 100 missionaries who are studying at the same school.  I lead the chapel service and had a chance to give them a small taste of Cowboy Fellowship.  They were encouraged and I was as well.  It is so great to be a part of a church that supports missions in […]

Costa Rica

Hey Everyone, Just wanted to give you a Map of Costa Rica, so you can see where Pastor Pete is right now. He was asked to come down by Larry & Amanda to speak at a conference. Larry & Amanda are just some of the missionaries that we support here at Cowboy Fellowship. Please be in Prayer for Pastor Pete and Larry & Amanda as they speak God’s word to a people who thirst for Jesus.. If you also have time please Check out Larry & Amanda’s Page Have a great day everyone. Scotty Also Check out our missions page if you would like to know more how to pray for more of the Missionaries we support at Cowboy Fellowship.

Hannah’s Example – In Touch Ministries – Dr. Charles Stanley 2010

This is a good word for men and women read about Hannah’s Example from Dr. Charles Stanley.  Hannah’s Example – In Touch Ministries – Dr. Charles Stanley 2010 Posted using ShareThis

Charlie Walter “Uncut”

Hey Everyone take time to pass this powerful video on to help others to break the chain of Alcoholism.

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