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Hadley Pawelek Is Here…

In case you have not heard, our baby girl arrived at 9:27 pm on Tuesday, July 27th 2010.  She weighed in at 6 pounds 1 ounce and was 19 1/2 inches long.  Mom and Hadley are both doing great. We are all just tired.  Peter Isaac is adjusting well in his new role as BIG brother.  She will not be at church this weekend of course but I will be sure to bring some pictures for all to see.  Some are posted on my Face book, and I should have more up there sometime tomorrow as well.    Abby and I both would like to thank everyone for their prayers and support.  We are so blessed to have a church family like you guys at Cowboy Fellowship! Pastor Pete

Police Demolish House Church in Indonesia JAKARTA, Indonesia (Compass Direct News) – Public order personnel on Monday supported Bogor police officers who demolished a house where a church regularly met in a village in Bogor Regency, West Java.Clashes broke out with church members and others as police tore down the Narogong Pentecostal Church building in Limusnunggal village, Cileungsi sub-district, and officers arrested 10 people. The structure was located on the Narogong Highway in Bogor Regency, south of Jakarta.Those arrested were questioned and released, according to Police Commissioner Zulkarnain Harahap. Some officers and a civilian were reportedly injured.Dozens of people tried to stop Bogor police from demolishing the building, as rumors of the impending destruction had spread far beyond the area. Church members had been guarding the building since the early morning the day it was to be demolished, but a senior police official told The Jakarta Post that he suspected many of the demonstrators were from outside the area.Eddy Hidayat, head of Bogor police operations, said officials were forced to destroy the building because it lacked a use permit.“The permit was for a home, but it was used as a place of worship,” Hidayat told Compass.The building coordinator for the Pentecostal church, Hotlan P. Silaen, said police were not neutral in the dispute but succumbed to the pressure of the Muslim group.“The clash with citizens could have been avoided if the police had been neutral and not been goaded into a situation that caused bodily harm,” Silaen said.Area residents, including non-Christians, had accepted the presence of the church, said local Block Captain Junaedi Syamsudin. He said local people had no objections to the church and there had never been any problems with its presence.“It was named a house of worship, […]

Do it all… Genesis 6:22

 Genesis 6:22 NIV   Noah did everything just as God commanded him. From the Life Application Study Bible: Noah got right to work when God told him to build the huge boat. Other people must have been warned about the coming disaster (1 Peter 3:20), but apparently they did not expect it to happen. Today things haven’t changed much. Each day thousands of people are warned of God’s inevitable judgment, yet most of them don’t really believe it will happen. Don’t expect people to welcome or accept your message of God’s coming judgment on sin. Those who don’t believe in God will deny his judgment and try to get you to deny God as well. But remember God’s promise to Noah to keep him safe. This can inspire you to trust God for deliverance in the judgment that is sure to come. Life Application Study Bible, Accordance electronic ed. (Carol Stream: Tyndale House Publishers, 2004), n.p. Be sure and visit our website at for all the newest updates from Cowboy Fellowship.

Brokeness Nehemiah 1:4

 “When I heard these things, I sat down and wept. For some days I mourned and fasted and prayed before the God of heaven.” Nehemiah 1:4 (NIV) This text calls attention to several questions every true believer must dare to answer.  First, what breaks your heart?  Nehemiah was not just moved when he heard about the plight of his country and countrymen, he was broken.  His heart was not just touched, it ached with pain.  His spirit was not just stimulated, it was shattered.  He sat down and wept bitterly over the things he had just heard.  The Hebrew text implies that this horrific news caused him to abruptly become torn and broken before God.  Have you experienced this same brokenness as you passed a homeless man on the street or witnessed a single mother struggle to feed her children?  Has your heart been shattered at the news of children who drink contaminated water, die of hunger, or remain uneducated in third world countries?  What have you seen or heard that caused abrupt and sudden brokenness in your life?             The second question is what will you do about that which breaks your heart?  Nehemiah sat down and wept, he prayed and fasted continually for some time, through his shattered heart.  He was immediately moved to become spiritually involved.  His spiritual involvement then lead him to approach the king for permission to become physically involved in the situation.  Brokenness is worthless if we refuse to act.  Your shattered heart is God’s prompting for action.  Certain cases will demand only spiritual action such as praying and fasting for that which breaks your heart.  However, at times God will demand that you act physically as well.  This may […]

Comfort (2 Corinthians 1:3–5)

 “Blessed is the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, 4 who comforts us in all our troubles so that we may be able to comfort those experiencing any trouble with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God. 5 For just as the sufferings of Christ overflow toward us, so also our comfort through Christ overflows to you.”   2 Corinthians 1:3–5 NET  Life Application Study Bible Many think that when God comforts us, our troubles should go away. But if that were always so, people would turn to God only out of a desire to be relieved of pain and not out of love for him. We must understand that being “comforted” can also mean receiving strength, encouragement, and hope to deal with our troubles. The more we suffer, the more comfort God gives us. If you are feeling overwhelmed, allow God to comfort you. Remember that every trial you endure will help you comfort other people who are suffering similar troubles. [1]Life Application Study Bible, Accordance electronic ed. (Carol Stream: Tyndale House Publishers, 2004), n.p.

“Haiti” Will You Go? Part 4

Hey here is the last post for Haiti in this series. This was the last day and when I started off the morning I was really excited about being able to work all day and put in a good day of work. Ha ha… my body had other plans I did not know about! I did good for the first 3 hours, then I got sicker then a dog. I went to a small room close to the school to cool down and the next thing I knew I had passed out. I woke up right before lunch and felt great. I took some time, ate some lunch, talked with our Medical staff and went back to work…. Thankfully the clouds blew in and it was cloudy and windy. The next thing I know, one of the workers wives came running up to us and was in tears. Their baby had a seizure and they did not know what to do. One of the greatest things that we often forget, and is one of the first things that people of third would countries do first, the workers came around, grasped hands, and started to sing. After a song of intercession, they all started  to pray at once. This went on for thirty minutes. I have no idea what they sung. I have no idea what they prayed. All I knew was that I was there in this circle of men and was a part of what God was doing in their life and the life of that little boy.It’s overwhelming, I remember that my prayer was this, God hear the prayers of these men. I know that Daniel had prayed and the answer was coming […]

“Haiti” Will You Go? Part 3

Wednesday was a busy day. The California team left, and it was a hectic morning, so I did not get to video blog. I did take several videos of work being done. Again, it started to get hot during the day, it was 100 degrees in the shade and the humidity was very high. I had not worked like this since college really. Or I am just older now and  I was having a flashback to working back in the day… ha ha ha.. Just working slow and consistently seems to be the key. That’s what the men here in Haiti do. Here in America we work hard and fast. If you do that in Haiti, you will be picking yourself up off the ground like I did once or twice, or if your not careful, someone else will be picking you up off the ground. You find out more about that on my next post.God was faithful to provide energy when I needed it. Thursday ended up being our day alone. The Cali team had left and it was just Michael and I. He was working with the clinic and I was working with the workers. It started off a great day with some clouds and showers, and it was a good day, but still very humid. Still my question to you is, where is God opening the door for you to go? You have to get that passport, you have to challenge your friends to come with you. Don’t be satisfied with just being safe. Take yourself outside of the comfort zone and go and explore and see where else God is at work besides just in your home town.Have a great day […]

“Haiti” Will You Go? Part 2

Hey everyone,You will hear from me today about it being day 3 for me. What happen to arriving on day one and day 2? Video blogging had slipped my mind, but i did film a lot of the destruction. Those clips are on the YouTube site if you would like to check them out. I had arrived on a Saturday and man, coming to the camp was a 3.5 hour drive and 2.5 hours of that was spent in a heavy downpour in the back of a truck. Ha ha, so there was not much to see there. Sunday was church day. It was a great time of church, very hot of course, and then they took us out to the beach later that day since there was no work to be done. We got to swim in the ocean all afternoon, saw a huge eel that was over 4 foot long, it was so cool. I found some amazing sea shells to bring back to my boys and my wife. I was able to film a lot of tent cities on the way to the beach and back, and a Samaritan’s Purse water purification plant for one of the tent cities we passed by. I was amazed at how much Samaritan’s Purse actually did in Haiti. It was quite incredible. The one really good thing I noted in those 3 days was how much access to clean water the people had. People who have been helping Haiti have made it a huge point to be able to get them  access to much needed clean water for drinking. I sure that has helped a lot.Enjoy the video blog, and I know the verse I share […]

Haiti Will You Go? part 1

Hey guys good morning!  As promised I am sharing my video blogs from day one to Day 8. This was day one. I was really pumped about getting to go, but the whole purpose of me going is to help  inspire you to come to Haiti, Chili, Mexico, Spain, France, Africa, Canada, or China. There are a thousand places in this world God could ask you to go.  It could be here in your own backyard, state, or even country. The question  today is, “are you allowing God to use you to help others, and even if you have been consistent at doing here in your own area, have you ever asked God to allow you to experience him at work somewhere else in the world?” In some ways you should explore things, seek them out, and see them with your own eyes. Where did those 2000 boxes of food go? Who is it helping? What does an earthquake in a third world country look like? God please show me, take me out of my comfort zone and really challenge me like you have never challenged me before. To see some of the work projects that we did be sure and check out some of the other videos I will post. Have a great day as you begin your journey on seeking out what God would truly allow you to do, where He would let you go, and seek what He would allow you to experience. Scotty This was our work site and camp site for the week.


Yesterday my family and I attended the 4th of July celebration at the Jourdanton city park.  Not only was it fun, but it was a moving, and powerful reminder of all that is great about America.  For today’s post I would just like you to consider some of my favorite quotes about freedom.  Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves, and, under a just God, cannot long retain it.    —Abraham Lincoln In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger. I do not shrink from this responsibility—I welcome it.    —John Fitzgerald Kennedy Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it.    —Thomas Paine The greatest Glory of a free-born People, Is to transmit that Freedom to their Children.    —William Havard No man is entitled to the blessings of freedom unless he be vigilant in its preservation.    —Douglas MacArthur Yet we can maintain a free society only if we recognize that in a free society no one can win all the time. No one can have his own way all the time, and no one is right all the time.    —Richard M. Nixon We, and all others who believe in freedom as deeply as we do, would rather die on our feet than live on our knees.    —Franklin Delano Roosevelt Freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better.    —Albert Camus A hungry man is not a free man.    —Adlai E. Stevenson When we lose the right to be different, we lose the privilege to be free.    —Charles Evans Hughes We fight not to enslave, but […]

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