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Iran: Pastor Charged—Apostasy

This very day there will be men and women around the world who will die because they loved others enough to tell them about Jesus.  May we all remember Pastor Youcef and the thousands of others we will never know by name on this side of heaven.  Iran: Pastor Charged—Apostasy The Assize Court of the province of Gilan, in Iran, has officially charged Pastor Youcef Nardarkhani with denying that Mohammed was a prophet. The court stated that this resulted in apostasy because Nardarkhani believes in Jesus and has shared his faith with others, according to The Voice of the Martyrs.The indictment, which was issued by a public prosecutor in the presence of a jury, stated, “He has frequently denied the prophet hood of the great prophet of Islam and the rule of the sacred religion of Islam. … He has proven his apostasy by organizing evangelistic meetings and inviting others to Christianity, establishing a house church, baptizing people, expressing his faith to others and denying Islamic values.”According to court documents, when Pastor Youcef was asked about his faith, he told authorities, “Since I was born in a Muslim family, I was Muslim until I converted to Christianity at the age of 19.” He openly acknowledged accepting Jesus Christ.The court also stated that the apostasy charge was determined a crime according to Islamic theologians.Pastor Youcef’s defense attorneys have entered a not guilty plea to the charges, arguing that “since there is no punishment specified in the Islamic judicial system of Iran and other penal laws [on apostasy] … their client has not committed a crime to deserve a punishment.”The indictment, however, stated that as an apostate, Pastor Youcef will be executed. His lawyers have 20 days […]

Bridgetown Church of Christ helps Black Friday shoppers

Instead of shopping or sleeping in this Black Friday at least one church had the great idea to use it for ministry purposes.  With reports of thousands standing in lines both inside and outside of stores in our local area it made me think about what Cowboy Fellowship might be able to do next year.  Read a portion of the article below, or the full article by clicking here.  Bridgetown Church of Christ helps Black Friday shoppers Are you planning to get a great deal the day after Thanksgiving? Black Friday is always about bargains, but this year Bridgetown Church of Christ is making it about values. Instead of focusing on the deals and bargains, the members of the church are taking the opportunity to serve food and drinks to the shoppers lined up at Best Buy in Western Hills early Friday morning, November 26th. Along with a cup of hot chocolate the church will be offering invitations to it’s Christmas services and events. It’s their way to love the community and invite them into a life-changing relationship with Jesus.

Difficult Days

Many of us have faced some sort of difficulty over the past few months.  A friend of mine recently wrote about some of the struggles he was facing and how he worked through them.  Maybe this will help you, or encourage you in someway as well.  Accept His Ways Isaiah 55:8 was the verse that really stuck out to me today, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord.”  I’d have to say out of everything in Christianity this has to be one of the hardest aspects for me, and that would be trying to accept and find joy in God’s ways because at times I just do not understand them.  I have to admit sometimes I just get so frustrated in trying to accept the things God gives me in life.  The perfect picture of my struggle, I have had some fairly lousy jobs over the last three years, at least according to my standards, and the funny thing is the more I complained it seemed like the worse they got.  I actually was just able to transition from the last one and have started a job that as of yet seems to be far better than everything I’ve done since my relocation to Florida, and the catch to it all was I was contacted by this company who found my resume.  It was just at the moment I really started to just say, why am I complaining, I have it so much better than so many others.  in an economy that is struggling, where unemployment is high, and no matter how difficult it was juggling two part time jobs and keeping everything straight I was […]

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