This past weekend I told you about one of the ten things that Stephen Cavness mentioned in an article entitled “10 Things You May Not Know About Your Pastor.”  Many of you have asked what the other nine are so I am posting the article below.    10 Things You May Not Know About Your Pastor (reprinted from Homelife Magazine/Jan. 2011) The following article appeared in the January 2011 edition of Homelife Magazine, distributed by Lifeway Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention.  The author, Stephen Cavness, is pastor of Cave City Baptist Church in Cave City, Kentucky.  His article sums up the heart of a pastor. Pray for your pastor and church staff!!! Paul’s New Testament letters are full of prayers for his fellow believers.  Like most pastors, I’m often surprised to find that my church members don’t realize that I pray for them regularly–not just when they are sick or experiencing turmoil.  Here are 10 things, generally speaking, that may surprise you about your pastor. 1.  HE LOVES YOU–and not just because it’s part of his job description.  As a pastor, God has placed in his heart a love and concern for you that you probably wouldn’t believe if he tried to explain it, although, like me, he could try harder.  Your words, notes and other forms of encouragement mean so much because they come from people your pastor really cares about.2.  HE GETS FRUSTRATED–because most of his church family thinks he’s the first to know everything when he’s often the last.  Few things are more discouraging than learning there has been heartache, sickness, or turmoil that everyone else has been talking about for a week, wondering why the pastor hasn’t called or […]