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8th Anniversary Event May 7, 2011 BULLFIGHTS

Cowboy Fellowship celebrated it’s 8th Anniversary in a bold new way… May 7, 2011 the first bullfight of it’s kind in Atascosa County, was held at the Poteet Lion’s Club Arena in Poteet. The event featured both a “bloodless” Spanish Bullfight and a competitive American Rodeo Style Bullfight. Legendary PRCA Rodeo Announcer Hadley Barrett emceed the event. During a break in the activities Hadley gave thanks for the saving grace of Jesus Christ, and told the attentive crowd about the lifetime of God’s guidance he has benefited from both personally and professionally. Rodeo Style Bullfighting was a very familiar, yet exciting event for the Atascosa County crowd.

Missions “What Do You Think”

Missions “What do you think” Practical Parables series #4 email INTRO:  Well as most of you know tonight we will be showing our mission video, pictures, and sharing our stories with you all.  I really hope you will all come out tonight and be apart of that time.  I think you will enjoy it, and learn from it, and all together love it.  This morning as we continue our series in Practical Parables I want us to approach the text of MATTHEW 21:28-32  If you have been with us over the past few weeks we have been talking about the prodigal son, his brother, and his father.  This parable is similar in the characters.  We have 2 sons, and a father to look at.  However as I read this practical parable God showed me some practical things about missions.  I will warn you the things he showed me may be hard for you to take, I know they were for me.  But for those of you who know me, you know I preach the Bible, as strong, pure and true and I know how.  And you also know that I preach what God tells me to preach.  So if you feel like I am shooting at you this morning, I want to remind you that I am shooting at the Devil, don’t stand so close if you don’t want to get hit. Before we start we need to see if we can all agree on something about missions, that is we need to agree on what it is.  There are many scripture texts we could read that could define missions but for the sake of time lets just turn to the 28th chapter of […]

Baby Dedication – May 15, 2011

Baby Dedications are a special time in the life of believers at Cowboy Fellowship. Parents present their children to the congregation, pledging to raise them in the knowledge, love, and instruction of the Lord. The congregation joins the family in prayer, asking our Heavenly Father for the wisdom, skill, and dedication that will be required in the task of guiding these young lives.

People You Should Know #8 “Patrick”

PatrickPATRON SAINT OF IRELAND “Daily I expect murder, fraud or captivity, but I fear none of these things because of the promises of heaven. I have cast myself into the hands of God almighty who rules everywhere.” Patrick is remembered today as the saint who drove the snakes out of Ireland (not true), the teacher who used the shamrock to explain the Trinity (doubted), and the namesake of annual parades in New York and Boston. What is less well-known is that Patrick was a humble missionary (this saint regularly referred to himself as “a sinner”) of enormous courage. When he evangelized Ireland, he set in motion a series of events that impacted all of Europe. It all started when he was carried off into slavery by Irish raiders. Escape from sin and slaveryA 16-year-old Romanized Briton, Patrick was sold to a cruel warrior chief whose opponents’ heads sat atop sharp poles around his palisade in Northern Ireland. While Patrick minded his master’s pigs in the nearby hills, he lived like an animal himself, enduring long bouts of hunger, thirst, and isolation. A nominal Christian to this point, he now turned to the Christian God of his fathers for comfort.“I would pray constantly during the daylight hours,” he later recalled. “The love of God and the fear of him surrounded me more and more. And faith grew. And the spirit roused so that in one day I would say as many as a hundred prayers, and at night only slightly less.”After six years of slavery, a mysterious, supernatural voice spoke to him: “Soon you will return to your homeland.”So Patrick fled and ran 200 miles to a southeastern harbor. There he boarded a ship of traders […]

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