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It’s so good to know

1 O God, hear my cry for help! Pay attention to my prayer! 2 From the most remote place on earth I call out to you in my despair. Lead me up to an inaccessible rocky summit! 3 Indeed, you are my shelter, a strong tower that protects me from the enemy. 4 I will be a permanent guest in your home; I will find shelter in the protection of your wings. Psalms 61:1–4 NET I find such comfort and peace knowing that God hears my prayers, and my pleas for help despite my location or circumstances.  There is no place too remote, no land too distant, or water too turbulent to silence even prayers that are whispered from deep within my soul.  Like the author of this psalm I too desire to be a permanent guest in God’s home as well.  What a picture to consider.  How would you feel if a guest decided to make your home their permanent residence?  Everyone loves to entertain guests for a time but eventually you always expect that they will return to their own dwelling place.  Not so with our Father in Heaven who longs to have us reside with Him.  So great was His desire that He made the way for it through the blood of His very own son.  How blessed we are to serve such a wonderful master!  Despite the troubles of this day, or week take heart for God hears you, and has made a permanent place for you in his abode.

The road is long

“We have been driving all day…” my son moans from his car seat behind me.  In reality we had only been on the road about 15 minutes.  Have you ever felt like this with God?  Has the journey ever seemed so incredibly long that you cried out in frustration, despair, boredom, or perhaps even pain and exclaimed “we have been driving all day God!”  The reality is, viewed in the scope of eternity, our journey thus far with the Lord has been relatively short.  However, the race is difficult and we can easily become discouraged along the way.  Don’t be the whiny kid in the back seat; instead do whatever you must to enjoy the ride, even if yours is down a long, narrow, bumpy road.

What do you need?

 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened for you.”  Matthew 7:7 NET As a father I have learned that my children are always in need.  Sometimes they need food or drink.  Other times they need hugs and kisses.  And still other times they are in need of a new diaper or a change of clothes after playing in the mud outside.  Occasionally, my kids will express their need for these things, frequently however, they are living life in such a fast and hurried way that they fail to express their needs.  My wife and I look out for the needs of our children asking them if they need a new diaper, because we can smell the stench, or calling them over to our lap to sit and read a book, or insisting they come to the table to eat their food or encouraging them to go inside and change into a dry pair of jeans after playing in the mud.  Like my children, I can act like a spiritual babe in Christ as well.  I am living life too fast and can become so consumed with things of life I forget about my loving father in heaven.  His desire is to bless me, help me, encourage me and have a relationship with me.  It seems reasonable in my mind for my children (ages 3, and 21 months) to live life unaware of their own personal needs.  But it seems foolish for me, a grown man and follower of Christ for nearly 20 years, to live in such a foolish way myself. What do you need today?  Has life soiled your clothing, are […]

Iran Again ‘Orders Execution’ Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani

BREAKING: Iran Again ‘Orders Execution’ Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani (Worthy News In-Depth) | Worthy Christian News. I have been praying along side of many others for Pastor Youcef and I am certain that God has heard my prayers, so why has he not been released yet?  Why have the prison doors not miraculously been opened?  I may be labeled a fool for attempting to understand things like this but it seems to me that because Iran continues to hold Pastor Youcef, his testimony and faith continue to inspire many to follow Christ.  Iran will learn what many other nations have learned in the past, the more you persecute believers the more believers you have to deal with.  The church has been under great persecution since Jesus first departed for heaven in the book of Acts. Many kings and kingdoms have attempted to exterminate Christians; however each attempt has only advanced the faith.  I am not certain what God’s will is for Pastor Youcef, but I am certain that my God will work everything together for the good of those who love Him.  Pray for this pastor, and pray for the millions of other believers who face similar kinds of persecution this very day.

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The Last Hour

 Children, it is the last hour, and just as you heard that the antichrist is coming, so now many antichrists have appeared. We know from this that it is the last hour. 19 They went out from us, but they did not really belong to us, because if they had belonged to us, they would have remained with us. But they went out from us to demonstrate that all of them do not belong to us. 1 John 2:18–19 NET Taken from The Modern Day Disciple Bible Study on 1, 2, & 3 John Once again we see some unique language that is used only by John contained in the passage we will examine today. John alone uses the terminology “last hour” found twice in verse eighteen. While similar terms are used in other parts of Scripture such as “last days”14 and “last times”15 only John uses the phrase “last hour”. The word for antichrist in the Greek is antichristos. This word too is used exclusively by John (1 John 2:18, 22; 4:3; 2 John 1:7) although we do see the idea and concept of the antichrist throughout both the Old and New Testaments. While some understand this passage to refer to a single “antichrist” it is more likely that John was referring to individuals or a group of people who were opposed to God and His divine purposes. John specifically states that there were “many” of these antichrists and apparently they were known by the church. Most likely they were people who had at one time been included in the fellowship of God’s people prior to becoming exposed as people who were actually opposed to the things of God. So what is the point […]

5 Steps To Beat Procrastination

My good friend Jimmy Smith who has a blog called Monday Morning Pastor sent this to me today. I thought it was worth passing on, if you struggle with putting things off these practical hints might help you. Step 1 – Identify The Return The task you face will require an investment of your time, money, energy. Before doing anything, identify what the Return will be on that Investment. What is the end game? Why do the task in the first place? If it’s not a very big Return, perhaps the task needs to be dumped into your “Someday” Bucket. (see step 5) Step 2 – Break The Nut Okay, so the Return is greater than the Investment? Now it’s time to break the task down into doable bite sizes. We procrastinate when we don’t know where to start. Break the task into ”next steps”. Wrap your mind around them. See yourself tackling them. You will never finish projects. You will finish next steps. String enough of those next steps together and, voila!, you will have a project. Step 3 – Be Held Accountable No matter how great your intentions, without encouragement and accountability your chances of success greatly diminish. Gather a person or persons alongside you to hold you accountable. Tell them what you are setting out to do. Then listen to them when they see you procrastinating again and tell you about it. They are your ticket to success. Step 4 – Celebrate Your Wins You will take next steps. You will be successful. It’s one thing to keep the prize in mind. It’s quite another to keep the prize in mind AND take time out to celebrate how far you’ve come. Build […]

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