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Did You See The Sunrise Today?

I have had the opportunity to witness 11,802 sunrises.  If God grants me the average number of years for an American male I will have the opportunity to observe 16,790 more.  I woke up early this morning around 4 am and was unable to go back to sleep.  I decided to get an early start so I rose from my bed threw on my work out clothes and headed down stairs.  I stretched, then proceeded to do a light workout with some free weights.  Next I ate a light breakfast, read my Bible and prayed.  It was 6:30 and the air was cool and crisp so I decided to head out on a solo jog.  Near the 3 mile mark the sun was starting to come up and I had a perfect view of the sunrise, what a magnificent sight to behold!  Of course this was not my first sunrise but as I continued to jog I thought about how many of these wonderful expressions of God’s creative activity I had missed and more importantly why I missed them.  Here are a few of the reasons I have missed the sunrise many of my 11,802 days on planet earth. Laziness- I will admit it especially during my college years I was just to lazy to get up for the sunrise or anything else.  Back then I woke up 5 minutes before class, threw on some clothes and off I went.  Sadly some never really break this habit. Selfishness- There have been many days when I was just to self-absorbed to take time to watch the sun rise.  I was out and about but had more important things to do than pause for a moment and […]

Every Leader Needs To Leave

Church leaders (myself included) are notorious for being workaholics. Since 1998 I have been privileged to work alongside thousands of ministers from all around the world.  Along the way I have run into a few lazy leaders but they are the rare exception not the rule.  Church leaders rise early, and come home late day after day.  They spring out of bed in the middle of the night to answer the phone and drive to the hospital or scene were tragedy, grief, and sorrow are waiting.  These people frequently (and foolishly) neglect their own health, families, and spiritual well-being for the work of the Gospel. Ministry has never been a place for lazy people to find an easy vocation and I expect it never will be.  But still every leader needs to get away! Without a break from the demands of ministry all leaders will eventually become increasingly less effective. As a church leader I have learned that my effectiveness is enhanced when I leave for a short time.  Despite knowing this, each time I prepare for a vacation or sabbatical my anxiety level rises and I wonder if the time away will really be worth it.  After all, there is never a good time to leave when it comes to the life of a church.  The nature of our profession is a 24/7 lifestyle where the church is always at work, and something is always happening. However, after returning from my time away I am always pleasantly surprised at how efficient and effective the body was in my absence. I am equally impressed after I return at how refreshed I am personally and how much more effective my leadership is after I return.  Because […]

Top five regrets of the dying By: Bronnie Ware

This past Sunday we started a new sermon series called “Best Life” at Cowboy Fellowship.  Over the next few weeks we will be talking about how we can live life to it’s fullest potential.  I came across the article below recently and thought it might provoke some thought for the readers of this blog. What would you regret if today was your last day?  I know some of the top five would be on my list.  I am thankful that I have time to change that, and I pray that when my time on earth is done I might be able to depart without any regrets.

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