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This Preachers Politics

Lots of people have been asking me about the election and politics lately.  Every four years this seems to happen as the presidential race closes in on the last few days.  People frequently expect, or at least desire that I would share my personal political views from the pulpit and attempt to weigh in and help them decide which way they should go.  This past weekend at church one somewhat agitated worshiper (by my unwillingness to weigh in) said, “Just tell me what you really think!!”  I promised her I would, so here is: I really think everyone should vote, especially Christians.  I have traveled around the world a good bit and I know that voting is indeed a great privilege that many waste in America. I really think that elections matter.   Some say it does not matter who is elected, because they are all the same, but in reality especially on the local and state level elections have the potential to make a great impact on our lives. I really think every vote counts.  During presidential races people are quick to point out that due to the electoral college system we have in America votes that only really count in a few “swing” states.  I live in Texas and it is true that when it comes to the president our state goes Republican, and if you live in California it goes for the Democrats. While we may feel like our vote counts for little in that particular race due to the Electoral College system, what about the local and state level candidates and issues?   Sheriff’s, judges, school boards, state representatives, senators and members of the House of Representatives, bond issues, and much more are […]

From Dodo to Hero

24Included with the thirty were the following: Asahel the brother of Joab, Elhanan son of Dodo from Bethlehem,[1] —2 Samuel 23:24 (NET)             I love reading about people like Dodo in the Bible.  We don’t know much about this man himself.  He was likely just a normal everyday kind of guy.  He made no notable impact on the Kingdom of God that is recorded in scripture except for the legacy he left behind.  You see Dodo was the father of Eleazar who was one of David’s fighting men. 2 Samuel 23:9 (NET)says;9next in command was Eleazar son of Dodo, the son of Ahohi. He was one of the three warriors who were with David when they defied the Philistines who were assembled there for battle. When the men of Israel retreated,[2]  When everyone else retreated Eleazar stood with David.  He was also one of the three that displayed great courage by obtaining water from Bethlehem for David while he was besieged in the summer by the Philistines at Adullam.[3]  So touched was David by their valor that he refused to drink the water but poured it out as an offering to the Lord (2 Sam. 23:16-17).[4]  Dodo was also the father of Elhanan, who was one of David’s thirty heroes (2 Sam. 23:24)[5], which of course was certainly an elite group to belong to as well. He was also the father of Puah, whose son Tola according to scripture “rose up to deliver Israel” (Judges 10:1) and  Tola lead Israel for twenty-three years. The question is what can we learn from Dodo?  First we learn that God can use anyone even if you have a funny name. Second, note the power of faithful daily living, […]

Pulpit Abuse: What it is, How to Stop it

via Pulpit Abuse: What it is, How to Stop it. By Calvin Miller We preachers are all prone to use family events and incidents to illustrate our sermons. The dumb spouse is second only to the idiot adolescent child in making his or her meandering way through the fertile fields of homiletics. It is easy to eisegetically snuggle a good spouse into a Corinthian passage on how women ought to behave, but it is not fair! Even if you ask your spouse for permission, you sin with the practice. The fact you have to ask permission probably says you’re pretty sure this kind of sermon inclusion is off track. Even the asking of it sounds as if you’re saying: “Is it OK, darling, if I exhibit your idiocy in my sermon this week? It would mean a lot to Jesus.” I want off this thumb-worn issue in favor of a more insidious kind of abuse. I have a lay friend who loves to teach. He is very big on the Civil War and often takes part in Civil War battle reenactments. He’s a fair Bible teacher, but he is an indefatigable historian because this is his passion. So no matter what he is teaching, it all ends up at Manassas. He amazes me when, with a bit of gyrations, he can snuggle Gettysburg into Philemon. When it is all over, I can’t remember exactly how he did it, but I know he did. Most of us who preach pursue some kind of hobby or field of learning and, without realizing it, can make our pursuit part of our sermon. I like prophecy in general, but I am suspicious of it when it becomes too specific. […]

The Uncommon Church Cover

I need your help!  I have co-authored a book called “The Uncommon Church” which is set to release soon.  Which of the cover designs below do you like?  You can click on the picture in the poll to see the covers enlarged.  Let me know what you think by voting for the cover you like the most.

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