My newest book “The Uncommon Church” will be released to the public in just a few days. Tiffany McKinley and I have been working on this project for over two years now, and we are excited to finally have the finished product ready for store shelves.  I wanted to give those who read my blog a chance to pre-order the book and ensure that you are among the first to receive a copy.  For this week only I am offering a buy 1 get 1 FREE deal for the first 1,000 books sold. The chapter titles are listed below to give you some insight as to the contents of the book.  I will be posting more in-depth blogs in the near future about “The Uncommon Church.”  Use the “Buy Now” button below to take advantage of this limited buy 1 get 1 FREE opportunity.  You can also buy 2 and get 4, or buy 3 and get 6, or buy 10 and get 20… This offer is only valid this week or for the first 1,000 books sold which ever comes first.  You can also click here to visit my website and learn more about this book. Chapter 1: Basic Questions Chapter 2: Uncommon Mindset Chapter 3: Uncommon Relationships Chapter 4: Uncommon Prayer Chapter 5: Uncommon Caring Chapter 6: Uncommon Forgiveness Chapter 7: Uncommon Sharing Chapter 8: Uncommon Attitude Chapter 9: Uncommon Giving Chapter 10: Uncommon Commitment Chapter 11: Uncommon Work Chapter 12: Uncommon Discipleship Chapter 13: Uncommon Victory