I have been extremely blessed over the years to meet so many amazing people.  Today I want to introduce you to one of them. Her name is Rachel Toalson. She is an amazing Christian woman, mother, wife, and friend. I got to know Rachel in college at the BSM ministry at Texas State. I was roommates with the man she eventually married and Abby and I  have stayed connected with the Toalson’s through the years. I read her blog regularly and I wanted to share this post with you all because it sums up the way I felt when I watched this movie. However I  could not figure out how to express my feelings in words. I hope you enjoy this post and will consider checking out Rachel’s blog here is the link http://racheltoalson.wordpress.com/ ____________________________________________________________ Would Jesus have seen The Hunger Games? By: Rachel Toalson I sit here tonight, in my blue wing chair, my laptop glowing in a shadowed room, and I feel utterly wrecked. Just hours ago I walked into a theater for the 7 p.m. showing of Catching Fire, the second in a trilogy called The Hunger Games, and I knew what was coming because I’ve read the books. I know how the story began and I know how it ends. Just days ago, I read and listened to all those Christian responses, about how this series, this movie, the entire premise of this story, is appallingly, shockingly violent, about how we have become a culture desensitized by violence, how movies like this one are what make us even more violent than we are already. Those words they wrote scrawled there in black permanent marker across our collective story: Sadistic. Depraved. Unfeeling. […]