2 Samuel 19:7–8 (NET) —7So get up now and go out and give some encouragement to your servants. For I swear by the Lord that if you don’t go out there, not a single man will stay here with you tonight! This disaster will be worse for you than any disaster that has overtaken you from your youth right to the present time!” 8So the king got up and sat at the city gate. When all the people were informed that the king was sitting at the city gate, they all came before him. But the Israelite soldiers had all fled to their own homes. There are difficult days for all leaders. Times of doubt, discouragement, tragedy, spiritual weariness, physical pain, personal hardships, these all abound in the lives of leaders. As a leader you are not immune from these certainties. David the man after God’s own heart faced such days. Two of his sons died violent deaths, Amnon in 1 Samuel 13:28–29 and Absalom here in 1 Samuel 18:15. David cries out “My son, Absalom! My son, my son, Absalom! If only I could have died in your place! Absalom, my son, my son!” (2 Samuel 18:33). It is impossible for this writer to imagine a more trying time than one like this. However Joab was right to encourage the King to step out and encourage his people. Leadership requires great courage, and at the advice of Joab David decides to go out and sit at the city gate despite his own personal tragedy, and sorrow. Leaders should never attempt to conceal their emotions in times like this however they must also not concede their responsibility to lead. As a leader you will face […]