1 Timothy 4:14 (NET) —14Do not neglect the spiritual gift you have…  The Greek word in this text for neglect is ἀμέλει  from the root ἀμελέω (ameleo). Most translations use the word “neglect” but the Greek denotes a “careless” neglect for the spiritual gift that Paul believed Timothy possessed.  Careless indeed are those who fail to utilize, develop, and maximize the potential for their spiritual gifts. One may elect to be careless with many things in life, but to choose careless neglect in regards to our spiritual gifting is tragic.  It is through our gifts that the church is built, sustained, and enriched. These spiritual gifts propel the message of the gospel into the world. Spiritual gifts have the unique potential to cultivate countless blessings in the lives of others. These gifts provide, promote, and produce, a Holy flood of God’s grace into the world. They comfort, heal, touch, and speak life. Therefore should we dare to be so careless with something so powerful and precious? Many today feel that their gift is to small, insignificant, or underdeveloped, to make a difference. They carelessly toss them aside into the bin of negligent. Others selfishly assume that these great gifts are for their benefit alone, failing to understand that these gifts from God are for His own body the church. He blesses His church through His people, with the various gifts they possess. What are yours? How are you using them? Have you carelessly neglected your spiritual gifts? Do not neglect the spiritual gift you have!