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The Uncommon Church

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The Uncommon Church is a book intended to inspire, encourage, and challenge modern day disciples to return to their uncommon roots. Throughout history God has called His people to be different, set apart, and uncommon. Sadly, however, many believers have settled for nothing more than a common faith. (I feel like u need something explaining why a common faith is not enough.) Pete Pawelek and Tiffany McKinley take an honest look at what it will take for God’s church to once again become uncommon. This book reminds all believers of the importance of maintaining communion with the Spirit of God in order to fulfill our unique purpose of proclaiming the Gospel to all creation. It is clear that we serve an uncommon Creator, we are loved by an uncommon Savior, and we are called to be the uncommon church. Don’t settle for less than God desires. Aspire to be uncommon. Focus on the things that matter to God and watch God change the hearts of the world – starting with your own. What others are saying about “The Uncommon Church” “If you are concerned about the next generation, this book holds the direction that the church must go. Common is not working!”—Todd Mitchel AFCC Executive Director “The Uncommon Church is no common book! It challenges the worldview of the “Church” today and presents clear biblical truth to all who dare to examine it. This is a book every believer should read!” — Chris Strick Next Generation Disciples Founder


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