Tonight is the eve of my first trip to Israel. I have always found the eve of a big event to be full of various emotions and tonight is no different. Christmas eve there is the anticipation of the celebration, and festivities that come on Christmas day. The night before our church launched eleven years ago I felt an extreme sense of excitement about what the future would hold for Cowboy Fellowship. The night before my wedding I was nervous, excited, and bursting with joy. On the eve of my first missionary trip to Africa I was stunned by God’s grace and his choosing to use me for such an important and amazing task.

Today I finished packing, mowed the yard, and spent some extra time with the kids. It was a great day, and then the evening lead to basketball and a walk with the cool breeze blowing and family conversation flowing. On the eve of this journey I am at peace, and my heart is prepared for whatever the journey may bring. I am sad to leave my family and church behind for two weeks. I will miss the comfort of my office and the familiarity of the people I normally associate with. Even loosing access to my cell phone brings a sense of loss. I sense that God has a big two weeks in store for me. Will it be the things I see, people I meet, or lessons that I learn? Will it be that still small voice I hear, or perhaps a simple smell, that God has in store for me?  To be honest I don’t know but I know that I am ready, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In a few days another eve will draw near as I prepare to return home, I suspect I will be a different person with a different perspective when that day arrives.

It is my goal to blog everyday while I am away I hope you will tune in for the pictures and journal entries I hope to make.