Come! Let’s bow down and worship! Let’s kneel before the LORD, our creator!
Psalms 95:6 NET

I believe that everyone worships something in life.  There is a great deal of worship going on in our American culture today, sadly most of our worship has nothing to do with spiritual things.  We are quick to worship fame, athleticism, TV, bank accounts, vehicles, and many other material things.  In the church we have reduced the word “worship” down and defined it as the 20 minutes of singing that takes place before the sermon.  I firmly believe that this is indeed worship in most cases, however there is certainly more to worship than this. Jesus Christ said You are to worship the Lord your God and serve only him (Matthew 4:10).   This is the way I want to worship in 2013.  I know that there are three things I must do if I want to worship God this new year.

First I must be present, I have to show up, I must prepare to worship!  Life is not easy, it’s full of curve balls and tough days.  If I don’t wake up each day with worship on my mind I am certain to be distracted by the devil.  It was after all Satan who came and tempted Christ by saying. “I will give you all these things if you throw yourself to the ground and worship me.” (Matthew 4:9) Scripture records that Jesus’ response was swift and firm,  “Go away, Satan! (Matthew 4:10).  Christ did not consider the offer, weigh the odds, or think about how to respond.  He was fully focused on worshiping God and only God, so all other offers would be rejected.  Like Christ I must be present and ready to fight the attacks from the devil to divert my worship.

Next I must participate in worship.  This is not something we are to sit back and watch, worship was never intended to be a spectator sport, you must be active in worship to benefit from worship.  You must participate in worship to actually worship.  Real worship happens when you take part in it.  There are many ways to worship God, but none of them can be achieved without your direct participation and involvement.

Finally, I must promote worship and invite others to participate with me to fully experience its power. I know for certain that it is possible to worship when I am alone.  I also know that the power of worship is multiplied when I invite others to participate with me. In 2013 I will not settle or be satisfied with worshiping alone, instead I am committed to being on the lookout for others to join in with me.  I expect to find these people in my neighborhood, at work, in the coffee shop, and at church.  I am surrounded by people each day and many of them claim to know Christ.  Therefore I plan to promote this lifestyle of worship and invite others to join me.

Worship was never intended by God to be a singing thing, or just a Sunday thing.  Instead worship is suppose to be an every hour of everyday thing.  The devil knows that destroying and diminishing your worship is key to destroying and diminishing you as well.  Don’t let him win this year; make it a point to worship like never before in 2013!