Has anyone ever told you to take the high road?  This generally happens when we are faced with a trying situation in life.  Perhaps it is a rumor, gossip, difficult person, unfair criticism, or ridicule from others. While taking the high road is good advice it certainly is not easy.  I was recently in a situation where I stood at a fork in the road so to speak.  One direction (the way I wanted to go) would have allowed me to clear things up, set the record straight, and in the process put some other people in their place.  The other was a narrow path to the high road.  I used the old phone a friend option before I made my final choice on the direction I would choose.  After nearly an hour on the phone explaining the situation and my plans, my friend simply said, “take the high road.”  That was not what I wanted to hear, because it was not what I wanted to do, but it was wise and Godly counsel.  Knowing deep down it was the right thing I embarked on that narrow path that is the high road in life.  I have seen this road before, and spent many days up here, but this time I decided to write down a few of my thoughts about the high road.  These are things you can always count on when you choose this path in life.  So here is what I came up with, please feel free to add your own in the comments as well.

  1. The high road is a hard road- There is no getting around it choosing to take the high road is difficult but traveling this road particularly for some extended distance is difficult.  Staying on this road requires discipline of the mind, body, spirit and tongue.  Traveling the high road demands that you allow certain questions and accusations to go unanswered and thus you are vulnerable to more attacks.  Once on the high road you will find there are many off ramps that lead back down into the pit where the mudslinging is taking place.  Each of these off ramps will no doubt be tempting which is why few are actually able to stay on the high road even after they choose to travel it. This is a hard road no doubt.
  2. The high road is a lonely road- The high roads in life I have been on have been lonely places.  Generally I was the only one up on that part of life’s highway.  On a few occasions I have had the privileged of traveling this road with a few other brave souls, but most of the time I have been up there alone.  Sometimes I have started the journey on the high road with others only to have them forsake the effort and return to the lower roads of life for one reason or another.  So, if you take the high road be prepared to travel alone, you won’t have much company up there.
  3. The high road is a safe road- Once you get up on the high road you will be sure to discover that this is a safe road to travel.  As I mentioned before there really are not many others up there to bother you, and the messes that surround your situation are far below.  You will still know what is going on down on the ground but you are safe up high.  Think of an airplane for a moment.  Anytime a pilot approaches a storm they attempt to climb above it if at all possible.  Up above the storm it is safer, smoother, and a more pleasant place to fly.  Looking down you know that the people on the ground are getting pounded with wind, rain, lightning, and maybe even hail.  But up above the clouds you are safe.  It’s the same with the high road, once you get up there even though the attacks continue to come you will be safe on the road less traveled.
  4. The high road is a narrow road- There is not a lot of room on the high road.  In fact I don’t even know if road is the right term, perhaps it should be called the “high path.”  At times you will only have enough room on this narrow path to just hold on with your toes and you will feel like you could slip and fall off this high path at any moment.  It can be a frustrating place to be when you come to the places on this road that make it difficult to stay on this narrow path, but hang on it’s worth it.
  5. The high road is a strategically significant road- This is not why I take the high road but I have come to see this point as being a distinct advantage to choosing the more difficult, narrow road. From up on the high road you can see what is going on down below.  Taking yourself out of the fight allows you to evaluate the situation in a different way.  From up on the high road you can see who your real friends and foes are.  From up top you are able to discern those who understand you and those who do not.  From the high road you have the advantage of insight and that can be a very significant advantage further down the road in life.
  6. The high road is a spiritually rich road- I always grow spiritually on the high road.  I am alone up there and have no one but God to depend on.  The path is narrow, and difficult so I must depend on the Spirit of God each step of the way.  I spend more time in prayer and God’s word when I am up on the high road and I am always exceedingly enriched spiritually up on the high road.
  7. The high road is a temporary road- The high road is not a place to travel through life, but rather a place to escape the storms of life.  Taking the high road removes fuel from the fire and once that fire has dwindled it is important that you insert yourself back into the normal roads of life.  If you stay on the high road to long you become detached, out of touch, and you develop an unhealthy view of people and the world.  Those who try to live on the high road become conceited, self-satisfied, smug, vain, legalistic people. I have been on the high roads of life for a few days, and at times for several months, but the journey up there always comes to an end.  When the time is right I head back down, and return to the normal roads of life.

Good luck up on the high road, perhaps we will run into each other sometime up there….