In “The Uncommon Church” we talk a lot about what “The Uncommon Church” looks like, how it functions, makes decisions, and advances the gospel.  The titles of the chapters of the book are below and outline the characteristics of “The Uncommon Church” that are discussed in the book:

Chapter 1: Basic Questions
Chapter 2: Uncommon Mindset
Chapter 3: Uncommon Relationships
Chapter 4: Uncommon Prayer
Chapter 5: Uncommon Caring
Chapter 6: Uncommon Forgiveness
Chapter 7: Uncommon Sharing
Chapter 8: Uncommon Attitude
Chapter 9: Uncommon Giving
Chapter 10: Uncommon Commitment
Chapter 11: Uncommon Work
Chapter 12: Uncommon Discipleship
Chapter 13: Uncommon Victory

In this post however I want to discuss a few things that The Uncommon Church is not.  There are many misconceptions about what it means to be uncommon and I hope this post will clear some of those up.

1)   “The Uncommon Church” is not always big.  Our culture has become infatuated with numbers and statistics.  The culture of the church has come to believe that big automatically equals success.  We evaluate the success of our programs many times based solely on the number of conversions, or people who attend.  Being uncommon however is not measured in numbers.  There are many small churches that are practicing the Christian faith in a wonderfully uncommon way.  Likewise there are medium and large churches doing the same.  You can’t tell if a church is truly uncommon from the numbers alone, only when you evaluate the people that are represented in those numbers will you find out the degree to which they represent “The Uncommon Church.”

2)   “The Uncommon Church” does not always have the most dynamic, impressive, inspiring, pastor or leader.  Leadership is important for all churches.  However it is the people of God’s church that make it uncommon not a single leader.  Uncommon churches are not defined by their leadership; they are defined by their membership as a whole.

3)   “The Uncommon Church” is not the richest church in town.  Being uncommon has nothing to do with money.  Some of the most uncommon congregations I have ever spent time with were among the poorest in the world.  I have seen many uncommon churches in action across Africa and around the world.  These churches frequently have little when it comes to financial resources, they are however amazingly uncommon!  They are also among the best when it comes to uncommon giving as well.

4)   “The Uncommon Church” is not perfect.  Uncommon churches make mistakes; fall short and fail just like all other churches.  These churches are made up of imperfect people and as a result they have many shortcomings.  Being uncommon does not imply, or suggest perfection.

5)   “The Uncommon Church” is not an impossibility.  Some claim that it is unreasonable to think that any church in today’s culture could truly be uncommon.  This however is not that case.  I have personally witnessed many congregations that are nothing short of truly uncommon. Being uncommon is possible for those who dare to follow and obey our uncommon King!

Pick up a copy of “The Uncommon Church” examine its content, share it with others in your congregation, live in an uncommon way, and watch God do His amazing work in your life and the life of your church.

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