Yesterday while on vacation I learned of the massive tragedy at the Boston Marathon.  Immediately I began, like many Americans, to do they only thing I could which was pray.  Late last night I was finally able to watch some news reports from various networks covering the Boston tragedy.  While most of what I initially heard from word of mouth proved to be untrue, the scope of the devastation and loss of life was still heartbreaking.  How should we respond in times like this?  What should we do? As I prayed over this issue and these kinds of questions this morning, I was reminded of several posts on this blog that might prove useful.  Below are the titles and short explanation for each post.  Feel free to click the links and read more.  May God bless those who have been affected by this tragedy!

  1. 10 Great Things About God– I wrote this post and scheduled it to be published over two weeks ago.  I had no idea that Monday, April 15th would bring such devastation.  However nothing catches God by surprise and all 10 of the things mentioned in this post about God’s greatness remain true despite any hardship or tragedy we might face.
  2. I Will Trust– When tragedy strikes, many ask God “why” and we naturally lose some trust in our Creator. This post addresses such feelings and issues.
  3. It’s Good To Know– This short post talks about how wonderful it is that God hears our prayers.  If you are praying for those affected, God will answer and honor those prayers.  Don’t stop praying, it’s not the only thing you can do, but it is the most powerful thing you can do!
  4. Help Me Pray– I was at a loss for words in my prayer last night for those in Boston, especially for the families that lost loved ones and those who lost limbs.  Praise God I did not have to pray alone but had a wonderful helper!
  5. Persistent Prayer– We are all joined in prayer today, but what generally happens only a few days after tragedies like this is that many lose interest.  This post provides a few tips on how to remain persistent in your prayers.
  6. Be Still– If there was ever a time to just be still before our Creator it is now.  In this post I talked about how my, then 1-year-old, daughter taught me this lesson about the importance of stillness.

These posts won’t provide all the answers or shed light on why our world has so many that desire to inflict such damage, pain, and sorrow upon innocent lives; but the thoughts in these posts might help you as you pray for those affected, and deal with your own questions surrounding this tragedy.  Pray with me… and let me know if I can pray for you!  May God bless these families, and help our law enforcement capture these terrorists.