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The Uncommon Mindset At Work

 Do not be conformed to this present world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may test and approve what is the will of God—what is good and well-pleasing and perfect.  Romans 12:2 NET I have been so blessed over the years to see many of the Disciples at Cowboy Fellowship display an uncommon mindset when it comes to serving Christ.  I have seen it at work, in schools, on ranches and farms, in restaurants, the grocery store, and on our church campus.  In fact I caught a church member in the act just today!  While I don’t have time to elaborate on all of these living illustrations of the uncommon mindset at work in this blog; instead I thought I might share a few of the common characteristics I have found in believers who consistently have this uncommon mindset. They are in the word- People with this uncommon mindset are readers of the Word.  They are people who know what the Bible says and they follow God’s written directions. They are in fellowship- They are connected to other believers.  These men and women make time to develop relationships with other believers.  They are open to accountability as well. They are in prayer- Disciples with this uncommon mindset are people of prayer. They are in God’s will- These people live right; they don’t play around with sin, or operate in the grey areas of life.  The men and women I have seen over the years who consistently possess the uncommon mindset of Christ do everything possible to stay in tune with God, and remain inside of His will. They are in Church-There is no doubt in my mind that church […]

The Uncommon Church Cover

I need your help!  I have co-authored a book called “The Uncommon Church” which is set to release soon.  Which of the cover designs below do you like?  You can click on the picture in the poll to see the covers enlarged.  Let me know what you think by voting for the cover you like the most.

The Absolute Basics of Christianity

Sometimes people who have never seen The Absolute Basics of Christianity ask me the following question. “What makes it different from all the other studies on the market?”  This is a great question and it is one I think any church leader or small group facilitator should ask before selecting this study or any other for their group. There are several things that make this study different from most others.  First,  The Absolute Basics of Christianity offers a safe but challenging choice for believers at all stages of their spiritual walk.  Initially the first three or four weeks can seem fairly basic to those who are more spiritually mature but virtually everyone learns something new even in these early lessons.  Each lesson is straightforward, based on scripture and free of trick questions that new believers hate so much. Most lessons can be completed in 15-20 minutes a day four days a week. Second, each lesson is squarely centered on the Biblical text.  Many of the studies on the shelf today start with the ideas, philosophies, or assumptions of the author, who primarily uses the Biblical text to back up what they want to teach you.  The Absolute Basics is just the opposite.  The student is required to pick up their own Bible and read multiple passages of scripture for each lesson. This allows for virtually any translation to be used by students and it also helps them gain confidence in reading, explaining, and interpreting the Word of God for themselves. The next thing I would point out is that this study is very comprehensive and complete when it comes to giving each student a basic understanding of their faith.  Each volume contains four individual studies […]

Mobilizing Men For One on One Ministry

I recently read this book by Steve Sonderman and would like to recommend it to anyone that is trying to develop or enhance their men’s ministry.  Over the past two decades reaching and keeping men in church has become increasingly difficult. I enjoyed Sonderman’s book for several reasons.  First, it focuses on discipleship.  It is not just about getting men into your church building the focus is all about discipling men which should be the end goal of all ministries in the church. Secondly, I also enjoyed the book because it was an easy read.  I read it on my Kindle and it took me around 4 or 5 hours of reading time.  I tend to make lots of notes and highlights and I am a below average reader when it comes to speed.  His writing style however is easy to follow and understand. The third reason I liked the book comes from his willingness to share solutions.  Each chapter contains many different approaches or solutions to the problems discussed.  He not only tells you what to dom but also deals with how to do it. If you are trying to start, grow, or enhance your church’s men’s ministry, or if you just want to read a book that is full of good advice and ideas, I would recommend this one.  After you read it be sure to come back here and let me know what you thought about it. Below is a link to the book in Amazon if you want to pick it up. Mobilizing Men for One-on-One Ministry: The Transforming Power of Authentic Friendship and Discipleship by Steve Sonderman

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