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    The Purpose Of The Church Pt. 3 The Purpose Of The Church Pt. 3

    The Purpose Of The Church Pt. 3

The Purpose Of The Church Pt. 3

Over the last three weeks I have been presenting some of the main purposes of God’s church.  As I travel around and speak about the Uncommon Church I am always surprised to learn how many churches don’t understand what the most basic and fundamental purposes of God’s church are. So these posts have been my effort to share nine of them.  In my first post I talked about the purpose of producing disciple, providing resources, and proclaiming the gospel. In my second post I talked about the church’s responsibility to propel missionaries, present proof, and practice holiness.  Today I would like to briefly discuss the last three. To Pray- Every Christian knows that they are suppose to pray, and most of us do.  But I am talking about focused corporate prayer here in this post.  I believe that God hears all of our prayers but He does something special when a church practices uncommon prayer together. In my book The Uncommon Church I talk in detail about the power of uncommon prayer.  When the body of Christ unites together in prayer many wonderful things happen.  We see this in scripture in places like 1 Thessalonians 5:25 when Paul urged the church to pray for him and his companions.  In Acts 12 we see an amazing miracle in the form of a prison escape for Peter and we learn that the church was gathered in prayer for him during his captivity. As individuals we must pray, and as a church body we must pray as well.  Churches should make it a priority to unite their minds and hearts in prayer! To Protect- 1 Peter 5:8 tells us that our enemy is a predator on the prowl!  Like […]

Fishing…Fact or Fiction

My son loves to fish, or should I say he loves the idea of fishing? Truth be told like most three year old children fishing is fun when he is catching fish, but boring otherwise.  Generally he will fish for a few minutes before becoming distracted by something in the boat that he just has to throw overboard to see if it will sink or float. If there is not a fish on the line within ten minutes he will say “dad lets drive the boat” after all cruising around the lake in our aluminum john boat with a 15 horse motor is a blast! The bottom line is my son does not love to fish, he loves the idea of fishing. Like my son I fear many in the church are the same when it comes to fishing for men.  We love the idea of it but we don’t particularly enjoy the patience, work, sacrifice, and expending the effort it takes to fish for men.  We love cruising around the lake of life with our motors revved up, and the cool breeze blowing through our hair.  But who has time to stop and fish?  When the pastor preaches a powerful and moving sermon on evangelism we cheer, and applaud as we feel the Holy Spirit moving deep within our souls urging us to take to the water once again.  However, after lunch and a Sunday afternoon nap, we are frequently quick to once again fall out of love with fishing, and instead fall back in love with only the romantic idea of fishing for men. Through my years of teaching The Absolute Basics of Christianity I have come to learn that for both “young” […]

Focus on the Females By Dr. James Dobson

With my first daughter on the way, I was intrigued when I saw this article.  Dr. Dobson’s book Bringing up Boys was GREAT.  When I heard he was releasing Bringing Up Girls I knew I would want to read it.  Admittedly, I have not yet read his newest book but I plan to in the near future.  The article linked here is something that anyone with girls should read.  And you might want to pick up a copy of Dr. Dobson’s books if you have boys or girls. They are worth the small investment.

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