Building unity in your church, family, workplace, or friendships is hard work.  Building unity takes time.  But building unity in any area of your life is one of the most worthwhile investments you can make.  Here are a few reasons why you should always be trying to increase the unity you have with other people. Feeling unified with others brings a sense of security.  We feel safe when we have true unity with those we live with, work with, or associate with. Unity promotes peace.  When we are unified fights, arguments, and other nasty effects of division are limited and thus we tend to have a less stressful and more peaceful life. Unity with others is what God desires for our lives, therefore we should seek it. Most people understand the value of building unity for the reasons mentioned above and many more.  However, many people have forgotten how to build unity.  There are at least three things that are guaranteed to increase unity when applied to any area of your life.  These things will build unity in your family, workplace, church, or friendships if you apply them and stick with them over the long haul. So what are these three things that will help you build unity? Shared Time- Spend time with those you want to be unified with.  Time is a wonderful unity builder.  The more quality time you spend with people the more unity you will find you have with those people. Shared Purpose- When your family, church, workplace, or group of friends understand their purpose as a group unity is always enhanced. People living life with a shared purpose always build more unity than those that are simply wandering through life. […]