It happens more frequently than we like to admit. We are walking with God, things are going great, then for no apparent reason when we need Him the most Jesus is missing in action. This happens to young believers and seasoned saints. Ministers who are honest about the subject will tell you that they experience this as well. So what should we do when Jesus is M.I.A.? Take sometime to read Luke 24:6-12, and let me offer a few suggestions. When Jesus is M.I.A. we should…

  1. Remember– I have found that when Christ is no place to be found in my own life it is helpful to try to remember where I last encountered His presence. I try to remember my last conversation with Him. In the scripture in Luke the ladies went to the last place they saw Jesus but He was not there. Then it says “they remembered His words…” Jesus had told them what to expect, and where He would be but they had forgotten.
  2. Run– If Jesus is M.I.A. in your life may I suggest you run as fast as you can to find Him?  If Jesus is gone there is something wrong and that is a big deal. When the disciples learned that Jesus was missing they ran to the tomb. They realized the gravity of the situation so they went running.
  3. Return– Go to the place you last had an encounter with Christ if you find He is missing. When those in the passage learned that Jesus was gone, they did not go to the grocery store, bank, lake, or even the church.  They went to the tomb because that was the last place Jesus had been spotted. Where was the last place you saw, felt, or heard Christ? Go to that place if Jesus is M.I.A.
  4. React-Almost every time in my life I thought that Jesus was M.I.A., after searching for a bit I learn that I am actually the one who is M.I.A.  I am in the wrong place not Christ. Jesus had told His followers He would not be in the tomb. He told them in Matthew 26:32 that He would meet them in Galilee. The disciples were missing not Jesus so they had to react and put themselves in the right position to once again be with Jesus. Ask yourself, is Jesus missing or am I?  Then react appropriately.
  5. Relinquish– Upon finding Christ again the disciple had to submit their lives to Jesus and commit to following Him wholeheartedly. Have you totally submitted to Jesus? Have you given your entire life to Him?  Are you willing to go wherever and do whatever to please Him?

If you feel like Jesus is M.I.A. right now consider these five things. Put them into practice and then let me know what happens.