For the first time in the history of the United States of America, two persons of the same sex can now legally obtain a marriage license in all fifty states. The reaction to this ruling from the Supreme Court has been extreme and divisive on both sides of the argument. Some are overjoyed, many are sympathetically supportive, and others are outraged. Personally, my heart is heavy. Primarily because there are so many false narratives being advanced by people who claim to be disciples of Christ.

Because I know the attacks are going to come let me start by saying a few things that I sincerely believe to be true. While I am a disciple of Jesus Christ and as such, I share the biblical view on homosexuality, I am not aggressively attacking those who have chosen this lifestyle. I do love you, pray for you, and deeply desire to hear you, know you, eat with you, and understand you. Furthermore, I would like to ask for forgiveness from those of you who have been shamed, slandered, slurred, and humiliated by my brothers and sisters of the faith. Finally, if my comments below and in subsequent posts share this unholy  spirit in your mind or heart I humbly ask that you would contact me so I can seek forgiveness from you as well. My goal in these posts is simply to present what I consider truth on this issue based on my current understanding of culture, church, and ultimately scripture.

Christian Myths about Gay Marriage

            Over the past few days, I have been monitoring the news, web, and social media closely. One of the most astonishing revelations for me has been the lack of biblical understanding most professing Christians possess. As a direct result, there have been a number of Christian myths that have emerged concerning this issue. Below I will attempt to summarize some of the most common and most dangerous myths I have heard over the past few days from Christians.

1)    Myth…Love won!

Truth: The devil won. His victory should not surprise us (John 8:44, Revelation 21:9, 1 John 3:8, 2 Corinthians 4:4). 1 John 4:8 states The person who does not love does not know God, because God is love. Many have focused on the first part of this verse insisting that Christians must love sinner and saint alike. They are correct in this assertion. As believers we are called to love everyone. However, the last part of this verse states, “God is love.” So, consider again the assertion that “love won” last Friday. This proclamation suggests that God is pleased with last weeks ruling because God is love. However, the Bible never once condones, celebrates, or encourages homosexuality. Scripture consistently condemns this activity and expressly labels it as sin. Leviticus 18:22, 1 Corinthians 6:9-11, Romans 1:26-28, 1 Timothy 1:10, Jude 1:7, Revelation 21:8.

The Christians who have been insisting that love has won, likely mean something entirely different from what I propose above. I sincerely believe that they are referring to the feeling of love, and hoping to express that now homosexuals are free to love. The reality is that they were free to express their love for one another long before last Friday. Nothing changed last Friday in regards to love, and who could or could not express love. Believers in particular should be careful when they say love wins, because in doing so they are suggesting the God won.

2)    Myth…The most dominant and consistent theme in scripture is love:

Truth: The most dominant and consistent theme in scripture is redemption. In the opening verses of scripture, God redeems the emptiness and darkness. Throughout the history of humanity God has been on a mission to redeem his most treasured creation. The concluding verses of scripture declare the Christ will soon return for the final act in his redemptive plan. The most dominant theme in scripture is not love, but redemption, and God longs for the redemption of all humanity, including those who practice homosexuality. The goal of God’s love is always redemption, not acceptance, tolerance, and unanimous agreement.

3)    Myth…Who are you to judge:

Truth: There is only one ultimate Judge as many in favor of or sympathetic to the legalizing of homosexual marriage are fond of pointing out. However, I have not really seen many valid examples of Christians judging homosexuals. There is a clear difference in stating truth, expressing beliefs, citing scripture, expressing disappointment, and judgment. Judgment says I am better than you, above you, and superior to you. Like many believers, I will quote the words of Paul and humbly proclaim, “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners”—and I am the worst of them![1] There are none without sin, and indeed no one is perfect. However, God does not expect our perfection, but rather our repentance. This is where those who actively are engaged in homosexuality are vulnerable. Repentance is the act of turning from your sin, and forsaking your sin. While everyone is a sinner, not everyone chooses to oppose God, reject his grace, and live in direct opposition to his statutes. Expressing this view does not place anyone in a position of judgment.

4)    Myth… It is not that big of a deal, and no one is getting hurt so why do you care what people do in their bedroom?

Truth: All sin hurts the heart of God, and homosexuality is a sin. Therefore is seems clear to me that the creator, the only person we are called to please is hurt by this action. Furthermore, scripture, churches, and pastors have always been concerned about sexuality. The church has long addressed adultery, premarital sex, pornography, and other similar “bedroom issues.” In the same way, homosexual behavior has been an issue addressed by the people of God for a long time including in the Old Testament and New Testament. Finally, no one is arguing or concerned with what those in the homosexual community do in their bedroom. The issue at hand is what takes place at the alter when two individuals are united in marriage.

5)    Myth…My church and pastor now have to allow and perform homosexual weddings.

Truth: The ruling issued on Friday does not compel any church or minister to preform any services they are opposed to. Pastors will not be arrested and placed in jail if they refuse to preform a wedding. Your church will not currently be punished if they refuse the sanctuary or any other part of the church facility for such a wedding. These rulings and legal battles are likely to emerge in the coming years but as of today no pastor or church is forced to perform any such wedding. There will be a number of churches and pastors that choose to perform these weddings but as of today you can’t be punished for not performing a wedding.

6)    Myth…The church will be destroyed because of this ruling.

Truth: The church will look different and continue to be marginalized in America. The church will be forced to adapt in our post Christian culture, but the church will survive and possibly even thrive in the coming decades. Jesus said, “And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overpower it. [2] If the gates of hell cannot overpower the church, I am fully confident that the Supreme Court, government, or any other earthly principality will not destroy God’s church. The church will be different but it will survive, have no fear; keep the faith, live for Christ.



[1] 1 Timothy 1:15–16. NET

[2]  Matthew 16:18 (NET)