Every church I know of struggles to recruit the volunteers necessary to function at their maximum capacity. Recruiting is hard work, but Greg Baird has some common sense tips for us all when it comes to keeping that pipeline full of volunteers.

19 Ways to Improve Your Ministry Recruiting By: Greg Baird

  1. Start making it more about vision. A big, compelling, well-defined, life-changing vision.
  2. Stop making it about need, People won’t buy-in to or commit long-term to great need.
  3. Start identifying new places to find leaders. Have you recruited youth? College age? Seniors? What new group can you share your vision with?
  4. Stop doing it alone. Equip other leaders (your core leaders, staff, other church staff, etc.) to recruit with you.
  5. Start asking! It’s one thing to make the need known…it’s another to actually“make the ask”.
  6. Stop pigeon-holing people. Have multiple opportunities available for the people you speak with.
  7. Start being clear about available opportunities – specific functions, commitment time, etc.
  8. Stop losing volunteers by limiting their freedom to be creative and bringing their own ideas to what they do.
  9. Start creating systems to make volunteer assimilation easy, not difficult.
  10. Stop relying on cattle calls or bulletin invitations.
  11. Start asking personally.
  12. Stop making excuses that no one is interested in hearing.
  13. Start expressing appreciation to volunteers (personally, individually & corporately).
  14. Stop abandoning volunteers once they begin serving.
  15. Start being flexible with scheduling, training, subbing, etc.
  16. Stop talking about all the challenges you face in your ministry.
  17. Start telling stories about great things happening in the lives children, parents & volunteers.
  18. Stop doing program beyond your capacity to build teams to meet the need.
  19. Start doing what Jesus told us to do in Luke 10:2:

“These were his instructions to them:…‘The harvest is great, but the workers are few.
So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest;
ask him to send more workers into his fields.’”