Fresh Start (5 Part Sermon Series)


Product Description

This sermon series contains five scripture packed sermons about fresh starts.  These are not just sermons about the importance of a fresh start, or another chesy message about why you need a fresh start.  Instead this set of sermons looks at real life people in the Bible that received or missed a fresh start with Christ and examines the impact those fresh starts had on their lives. Sermon titles in this series are:

  1. Knowing Jesus
  2. Following Jesus
  3. Serving Jesus
  4. The Man Who Missed His Fresh Start
  5. Women at the Well

In this zip file you will find

  • 5 detailed sermon outlines (these are word documents that you can edit NOT PDF files)
  • Corresponding listener notes which can be used in your church bulletin
  • Corresponding questions for each sermon that can be used in small groups



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