Our online store contains all of the resources available from Pastor Pete. If you would like to see all of Pastor Pete’s books click here or select the book you are interested in below.  Some of the resources are offered for free but must be downloaded from the store.

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Why do I need fill out information to download free resources?
The system we use to distribute our resources requires that you be a registered user in order to make a purchase or download a free resource. This is done for many reasons but primarily it helps cut down on spam, internet scams, and protects the security of our site.  Once you register as a user checking out in the future is much faster.
What things are free and what things must I pay for?
Generally all content is posted for free for a period of time.  Sermons for example are posted and maybe downloaded for free for a period of 7 days in most cases.  Other material is posted at a discounted or free rate for a period of time as well. Most material is posted on Monday so its best to simply check the site each week and download the new resources before the free downloads expire. The new blog posts and resources are on the home page so you can quickly find them and download them.  Everything on the blog is always free and there is a wealth of resources there for you to use anytime.
Why do you charge for your resources?
I would love to be able to provide everything for free.  However there are many expenses that come with maintaining a website.  There is also a great deal of time and work that goes into producing the resources on this site.  I feel that offering the resources for free for a period of time allows those that desire to have them for free an opportunity to download them.  Then after that the prices are more than fair.  Every penny goes into maintaining this site, and advancing the gospel. None of the funds collected on this site are used to pay any salary, travel, or personal expenses.  Its all invested into making this site an even better resource for you and others to use.